According to Gartner, smart manufacturing has become a strategic imperative for manufacturing executives. 

The right smart manufacturing technology can help you:

odin manufacturing icons_asset reliability

asset reliability
& visibility

Plan and execute asset maintenance more efficiently. Get live visibility of asset status and documentation.

odin manufacturing icons_production rates

production rates
& flexibility

Increase production rates to ensure that current and future demand can be met without additional investment. Increase revenue potential using flexible, multi-product lines.

odin manufacturing icons_product defects

product defects
& cost of quality

Integrate Quality Assurance into your production line. Ensuring products are checked as they are built reduces QA costs.

odin manufacturing icons_worker productivity

worker productivity
& safety

Enable operators and technicians to perform complex tasks. Following dynamic work instructions minimises human error and maximises efficiency and safety.

How can 4IR technologies improve manufacturing productivity? 

Read here for are at least 7 of the ways we know it can!

Introducing ODIN Manufacturing – an app store for factories

  Solving real-world shop-floor challenges is what we do differently. 

  Our unique bottom-up approach focuses on where your value creation begins.

 Start the digital transformation of your shop-floor today!

ODIN Manufacturing apps connect your peoplemachines and products, delivering objective, accurate data for optimising your production efficiencies. 

Customers who trust ODIN Manufacturing apps

Customer success stories

Global Automotive Tier 1 digitises complex differential assembly line

  • 30% reduction of production ramp up time
  • 50% reduction of part defects
  • 50% saving on training costs
  • Increased operator efficiency

Global OEM adopts ODIN Workstation to manage battery assembly line

  • Reduced time for operator training by 60%
  • Defects reduced by 20%
  • 50% reduction on line-side WIP
  • 60% reduction in cost to introduce new variants
  • 3rd party machine integration improved process traceability

Global OEM adopts ODIN Workstation for low volume engine assembly line

  • Reduced cost to introduce new variants by 50%
  • Multi operator and tool sharing app increased line output by 80%
  • Improved quality and productivity
  • Reduced defects by 30%

Let’s find your solution

What is your biggest challenge? Let’s see if you identify with one of these:

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Not sure where to begin? Let us help you.

Got some questions we can answer?

Digital transformation pricing can be confusing. We have simplified it.

We charge monthly for assets, charts or users.

Our apps are modular and scalable. Start small and grow fast!

Our story has determined our approach

Designing and building world-class assembly systems for the global automotive sector has given Jendamark a unique insider’s perspective on the challenges of manufacturing. We have applied this real-world experience to our ODIN Manufacturing product development.


Over three decades, we have developed a deep understanding of our customers’ unique problems on their shop floors and in their businesses as a whole. We know that each factory, customer and country has its own set of challenges. There is no one-size fits all solution!


Learn more about our unique bottom-up approach to digital transformation for factories.


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