Desktop and mobile-ready

View dashboards on the line PCs, on an office laptop or on your mobile device. ODIN Insights is web-based and ready for any device with no downloads, installations, or app store sign-ins.

Cloud and on-premise options

Choose between an on-premise or cloud solution. Our cloud solution provides the full ODIN Insights experience, with timely updates and worldwide access. Although on-premise has more limited features, it is ideal for sites where a reliable internet connection is not possible.

Privacy and security

ODIN Insights uses VPNs to extract on-prem data, and Amazon Web Services to store and analyse it. This means you can be confident your business will run on the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.

Personalised dashboards

Use personalised ODIN dashboards, or simply create your own. There are a number of options for visualisations, including tables, graphs and gauges. Now everyone in your team, from the line engineers to management, can bring data to life in an easy, intuitive way.

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Combined data sources

Combine all your data sources from multiple factories or sites to quickly compare, analyse and predict. Because ODIN Insights is built with scalability in mind, all future ODIN product additions are a matter of plug and play.

On-going support

With over 20 years of product development, ODIN Manufacturing developer Jendamark Automation is in it for the long haul. ODIN Insights will stay supported and updated by the ODIN team, so no need to worry about compatibility with other ODIN products or a stale feature set.


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