Virtual Reality training

We offer training in Virtual Reality in the following aspects:
  1. How to use the technology.
  2. Hardware and software setup.
  3. Troubleshooting if there is an issue.

Logistical line planning via VR review

Dunnage racks etc, can be added into an assembly line VR simulation for optimised planning in the form of multiple immersed reviews.

3D design review

Review a 3D design of your machine before it is built by seeing it on a 1:1 scale in front of you in the virtual space. VR helps to identify ergonomic, safety and sizing issues long before the machine is manufactured.

Voice-guided training

Train your staff in a process or procedure, in a virtual space, using our voice-guided training assistant. Doing so in a risk-free environment does not affect your production.

Custom content development

Use our dedicated Virtual Reality content creation team for your customised VR content requirements. We can support you with the conceptual ideas, planning, development and delivery. Our team will make the right hardware recommendations and provide initial setup support and training.

Management system

[COMING SOON] Access an online platform where you can buy and play training simulations. The platform hosts simulations in an easy-to-navigate application, and gives you reporting on how your staff did in the training simulations to show if they are ready to work on the real deal.


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