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Can my business afford it? I’m afraid it will take too long to see the return on investment (ROI) in smart manufacturing.

Our modular apps allow manufacturers to start small – from just $10 a month – and scale up. Simple configuration facilitates same-day deployment and faster ROI.

Do I need to purchase expensive licences for every person in my organisation?

The pricing of shop-floor apps is per asset. This ensures that costs are aligned to value-generating assets and not the number of users. Only data analytics apps are priced per user.

If I choose ODIN Manufacturing as my smart manufacturing vendor, am I locked in and will you charge me for every change?

Our tools are simple and easy to self-configure, so that you, the customer, have control and don’t feel locked in.

How do I know the apps will work and improve my manufacturing operations?

ODIN Manufacturing apps have proven their value repeatedly for some of the most demanding global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Even if the collected data reveals areas for improvement, I’m worried that expensive programming and other risk factors could prevent implementation. How do you overcome this?

Deep hardware integration allows for closed-loop control of processes. Our no-code configurator enables process engineers to make risk-free changes to live production lines, without the need for a costly programmer.

I have already collected huge volumes of data but no-one on my team has the time to analyse it. What do you offer in this scenario?

Included in the subscription pricing is “Engineering as a Service”. On a monthly basis, we provide continuous improvement insights and recommendations based on the data from ODIN Manufacturing apps. 


Asset Reliability & Visibility

Keeping machine downtime to a minimum

Productivity & Safety

Minimising human error and maximising efficiency

Production Efficiency

Helping your machines work smarter and harder

Product Quality

Assuring quality standards from start to finish

Our apps are modular and scalable. Start small and grow fast!