What sets us apart


Our business presence in the manufacturing industry


A global hardware and software implementation footprint


A ground-level insight into industry problems


We test our solutions’ value proposition on our own machines

Our assembly solutions

Jendamark’s powertrain, catalytic converter and electric vehicle power assembly systems are enhanced and supported by ODIN Manufacturing technologies. Click on the blocks below to learn more about our core focus areas and how we can help to improve your production efficiencies.

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Our approach


Jendamark Automation has spent 3o years designing and building world-class assembly lines and special-purpose machines for the global automotive manufacturing sector. This experience has provided a deep understanding of problems on shop floors and in businesses as a whole. Our global footprint has also provided insight that each factory, customer and country has its own unique set of challenges. We have learnt that there is no one-size fits all!


Applying this real-world knowledge to our ODIN Manufacturing product development has provided our unique bottom up approach to factory digital transformation.


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