Mobile-friendly, interactive work instructions

Our mobile-friendly app provides paperless, interactive work instructions to guide maintenance technicians. Insert detailed instructions in the form of text, pictures, or video links.

You can also include interactive parameter inputs designed to engage the technician. The user can answer questions, give feedback, choose options from predefined drop-down lists, or record and check parameter values against predefined tolerances. These tools equip a less experienced technician to perform complex preventative maintenance tasks.

Global organisation view

In many instances, it is a challenge for stakeholders to monitor individual asset maintenance across a plant. Our ODIN platform offers a completely transparent, global view of how maintenance is being managed plant-wide.

No infrastructure start-up costs

Our web-based app enables rapid implementation and there are absolutely no infrastructure-related start-up costs.

Manage unexpected maintenance tasks with ALERT feature

Manage unexpected problems via an all-encompassing ALERT management system. It starts with a built-in ‘Raise Alert’ feature, enabling ad hoc and unscheduled maintenance tasks to be easily managed in our kanban-style ALERT management system.

Record and auto-verify key parameters

Recording key parameter values, whether it be, for example, for checking critical component wear or recording a temperature gauge reading, is essential. ODIN Checkpoint takes it one step further, automatically verifying these values against predefined tolerances. If values are out of range, automatic alerts are raised and added to our ALERT management kanban board.

Access to plant-level reporting, live service statuses & unplanned maintenance ALERT kanban

ODIN Checkpoint provides total transparency with regard to the state of plant assets. Between our kanban-style ALERT management system, live service status calendar, and plant-level reporting, managers have all the relevant information they need at their fingertips.



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