File sharing

Use ODIN Documentation as an internal tool to centrally store and share files and collaborate on projects.

Paperless, mobile-friendly system

Our digitised documentation system, which is also mobile friendly, provides a central location to access all your assets’ documentation.

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User-friendly navigation

Browse per layout view to access asset documentation by simply clicking on the asset markers on each location’s floor layout page. Clicking on an asset marker opens an asset page with an intuitive icon layout representing all available types of documentation. These documents can be accessed by clicking on the individual icons.

Customisable documentation folder structure and icons creation feature

ODIN Documentation comes with a standard individual layout and asset page layouts with regards to documentation icons and cloud folder structure. Our platform is also fully customisable, allowing you to personalise it according to the information you need to access via the platform. Create new icons to access new types of information and manage your documentation folder structure according to your organisation’s specific requirements.

QR code scanning feature

Use your mobile phone camera to scan individual QR codes placed on your assets, giving you easy access to asset-specific documentation. This feature also gives you the ability to create custom QR codes and set them up as a shortcut to a specific document, such as a design drawing or controls design.

No infrastructure start-up costs

Our web-based app enables rapid implementation and there are absolutely no infrastructure-related start-up costs.


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