Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

World-class African research and development organisation

The Challenge

With the need for an agile manufacturing cell required to build different parts at different times with a combination of differentiated hardware to facilitate this– updating hardware, rewiring and PLC coding costs would happen frequently and this presented the need for a flexible solution

How We Did It

  • By implementing ODIN Workstation throughout the work cell stations
  • Advanced vision systems with integrated machine learning capabilities in order to enable virtual devices

Final Results

  • Virtual devices enabling cost savings on additional hardware
  • Virtual devices facilitating ease of use and facility integration
  • Introduction of machine learning to the work cell
  • Facilitates any immediate ergonomic adjustments required for operators and improved process flow
  • Adjustments to positioning are immediate and efficient

Other Benefits

  • Powerful vision systems enable ease of adjustment and is in-line with agile manufacturing practices
  • Provides the platform for continued and immediate improvement to the process flow and station setup per new model/part being built

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