Animated operator guidance

No matter the skill level or part complexity, our intuitive animated operator instructions provide the necessary guidance to ensure the assembly process is completed accurately and on time.

No-code line configurations

This enables an engineer to setup an assembly sequence on a production from an intuitive user-friendly web panel. This setup is automatically transferred and effected on the production line without any intervention from a programmer.  This also enables experts to be in remote locations and still manage and configure the production line.

AI vision system for process tracking

All-in-one AI vision system for process tracking in manual production environments. Generalised tool and operator hand tracking. Replace buttons in a station with hand gestures. Replace pick-to-light sensors with vision system tracking.

Adaptable hardware integration

From barcode scanners to PLCs, the system is able to manage and control multiple hardware types. If the integration does not exist, the ODIN team can develop custom hardware interfaces and controls for your specific needs.

Flexible multi product production

Improves competitiveness by allowing for flexible production lines where manufacturers can build unlimited part types or variants (hardware/tool depending) on the same production line using shared infrastructure, thereby saving costs.

Traceability, data and reporting

Record all part and process data, including granular level cycle time, component batch scanning and process deviations. All rework and disassembly operations are also controlled and recorded.

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