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Does your business battle with unreliable assets?

  • Unexpected, prolonged downtime due to asset breakdowns
  • Damaged assets due to missed or improper maintenance
  • Increased operational costs due to asset damage
  • Decreased production efficiency due to unreliable assets

Do your maintenance teams struggle with daily challenges?

  • Paper-based workflow and task management
  • Human error when handling complex tasks
  • Lack of oversight and management of maintenance tasks
  • Lack of guidance, traceability and accountability

ODIN Service is a cloud-based application that enables effective and timely asset maintenance. Keep your assets functioning optimally and prolong their lifespan with functionality that sets, tracks and controls maintenance and service tasks.


  • Task scheduling: Manage and schedule technicians’ maintenance tasks, via daily, weekly and monthly calendar or maintenance schedule.
  • Worker guidance: Create digital work instructions in the form of visual action cards. Add standard operating procedures. Import any document or share video link.
  • Technician management: Assign technicians to tasks. Get real-time reporting on their assigned tasks and machines.
  • Interactive data entry: Technicians insert data from measurements or checklists, which is automatically checked against healthy tolerance thresholds.
  • Master data management: Manage and access your master data – including all asset information – in a tree data structure format.
  • Reporting: Access real-time reporting on tasks performed, the role of technicians in maintaining assets, and the asset risk level based on the outcomes of these tasks.



  • Reduce damage and unexpected downtime
  • Increase lifespan
  • Prepare for, and schedule, downtime for routine maintenance
  • Keep assets optimally functional and reliable


  • Improved guidance
  • Simplified tasks and workflows
  • Prevent repercussions caused by human error
  • Enhanced productivity with mobile action cards


  • Increase oversight and control over maintenance tasks
  • Easily trace problems with automated maintenance reporting
  • Real-time reporting


  • Maintain stability and efficiency
  • Reach target metrics