I4.0 Learning Factory

$12bn turnover, 250 000 employees, 150+ locations, in over 100+ countries

Products used

The Challenge?

Mahindra needed an innovative way to train operators on new variants, while performing this training ‘live’ on-the-line – which caused unnecessary and increased costs as a result of the frequently experienced production delays, inefficiencies and rework

How did we do this?

By implementing ODIN Workstation throughout the entire line.

Other benefits?

  • Operators avoiding incorrect assembly, even on complex variants through visual, dynamic work instructions;
  • Additional failsafe’s are part of the default system features, aiding operators in ensuring that the correct parts are always used and are correctly positioned;
  • Live ANDON displays current production targets, line progress and status above the production line, ensuring full line transparency;
  • Easy-to-use, no code interface facilitates easy continuous improvement adjustments.


  • Visual & text based work instructions, assisting even entry level operators;
  • Enhanced operator guidance for existing and new products;
  • Increased training speed for new operators;
  • Fewer defects;
  • Less scrap;
  • Less time to change processes and operations to improve assembly/manufacturing sequences.