‘Google Maps’ for operators drives improved quality

Together with ODIN Workstation, the system guides operators and ensures that the correct work steps are performed. If an error is made, the operator is ‘rerouted’ in a pre-defined manner to ensure the integrity of the assembly or disassembly process.

Reduced time and cost of training

For newly introduced products, the combination of ODIN Phantom and ODIN Workstation speeds up the training time required.

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Cost savings

Phantom devices replace hardware such as push buttons, sensors, tool positioning systems, pick-to-light systems and many more. This significantly reduces cost in terms of physical hardware, installations, labour, cables, wires, replacing and fixing of hardware etc.

Increased flexibility

Phantom devices can be trained to fit the requirements of the specific product being built.

Simple tool- and hand-tracking setup

Tool tracking enables the user to track, for example, a bolting tool. Only when the tool is in the required position (that is no-code configurable and adjustable), will it activate. Hand tracking recognises hand motions and gloves, if required. This is for safety and quality assurance.



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