7 ways to use 4IR tech to improve your manufacturing productivity

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Bridge the IT/OT gap and use shopfloor data to increase production performance and output.


Reduce time and cost for upskilling new employees.


Increase operations efficiencies by working towards data-driven KPIs.

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Prevent unplanned downtime and save costs by using IOT sensors to predict machine failures.


Reduce admin time by digitising basic paper-based processes such as maintenance and safety compliance.


Reduce the time and cost of solving problems by using the human-machine communication platform to improve people-to-people and machine-to-people communication.


Reduce the cost of assembly station equipment and make the station more flexible by virtualising devices.

Why you can’t afford to be left behind

WATCH these 3 short videos in which our director of innovations, Yanesh Naidoo, explains how 4IR technologies can solve manufacturing challenges and why your business can’t afford to be left behind.

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Now let’s get back to identifying the manufacturing challenges you are facing and help you to find the solutions and products to set you on your digital transformation journey.