Enter the
Digital Factory

Welcome to the age of smart production.

This is the home of Odin Manufacturing, a range of digital technologies designed to improve production efficiencies for the global manufacturing sector.

These data-driven 4IR solutions:

  • bolster productivity
  • improve product quality
  • reduce downtime
  • monitor employee wellness
Odin Manufacturing

Developed by Jendamark

Developed by Jendamark Automation, these standalone hardware and software solutions can be integrated into any new or existing production set-up and work seamlessly with our automated and manual production lines.

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Featured Product Suites

Odin Workstation

Manage your entire production process and improve line efficiencies

Odin Maintenance

Cloud-based solution for preventative and predictive maintenance

Odin X-Reality

Future-proof your factory with smart production technologies

Odin Health

Coordinate your employee health and wellness programme with a single app