Future-proof your factory

Boost your productivity and efficiency with the right digital transformation tools.
Our 4IR-ready ecosystem of apps connects your people, machines and products.

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Adaptable to all skill levels

Easy tools for paperless productivity

For everyone from operator to CEO

Risk-free training using VR

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Agile factory

Adjust to changing production needs
Modular and scaleable solutions
Connect your OT and IT systems
Integrate to your ERP system

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Start small

Digital tools to manage factory basics
No massive upfront outlay – start small
Affordable pricing per asset (not user)
Starting from just $7 a month

Customers using ODIN Manufacturing solutions

Customers using ODIN Manufacturing solutions

We have spent the past 30 years developing a deep understanding of our customers’ problems and applying that real-world knowledge to our product development, so that you don’t have to struggle with those same challenges in your business.

Let’s see if you identify with one of these key issues faced by many other manufacturers like yourselves, and explore our solutions:

Need to make your production line work smarter?


Production Efficiency Solutions >>

Struggling with your end-of-line QA processes?


Quality Assurance Solutions >>

Is your maintenance function ineffective?


Maintenance Solutions >>

No idea how your team or machines are performing?


Performance Data Solutions >>

Looking to upskill your operators or technicians?


Worker Guidance Solutions >>

Can’t find critical asset info when you need it?


Asset & Doc Management Solutions >>

Collecting tons of data? No time to review or analyse it?

All of our solutions include an ‘Engineer as a Service’ offering, whereby an engineer will analyse your data and provide monthly feedback on areas for improvement.

Production data collected




Automotive products