Embracing digitalisation doesn’t need to be scary OR costly

We get it. Navigating the constantly changing manufacturing landscape can be daunting for business owners and senior management.


When faced with consultants in suits delivering “it’s now or never” scare tactics and pricey cost structures for digitalising your business, you only see one thing: shrinking revenues and a massive overhaul resulting in lost production.


We know, which is why we’ve come up with a solution that meets businesses where they are on their digitalisation journey.


We are proud to introduce Jendamark’s ODIN Manufacturing division. Here at Jendamark, our more than three decades of manufacturing experience in global markets means we’re used to changing with the times.


You can start off small, starting with a single use case – like one technician or one operator and one machine. This way, the costs stay low. Then, as you experience the increasing returns on investment that digitalisation brings, you can scale up.


Built by manufacturers for manufacturers, ODIN Manufacturing offers a range of digital solutions for organisations of all sizes.


These solutions are not about replacing humans with technology. It’s about digitalising processes and using data-driven technology to equip the people in your business to do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently.

Here are some key areas where you can use tech to optimise your business:

Advanced quality assurance processes

Leverage technology to automate quality checks, reducing errors and ensuring consistent product quality.

Shop floor and facilities management

Get the basics right when it comes to maintenance and operational tasks, and gain real-time insights into your operations, allowing for better resource allocation and decision-making.

AI-assisted operator guidance

Empower your workers with intelligent prompts and instructions, improving quality and efficiency.

Risk-free virtual reality training

Provide safe and engaging training experiences for your workforce, minimising downtime and improving skills development.

Empowering (not replacing) your employees:

We want to emphasise that humans remain an essential part of the manufacturing process. While AI and automation can handle repetitive tasks, human qualities like creativity, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence remain irreplaceable.

Humans bring a critical perspective

They can analyse complex situations, identify root causes of problems, and develop creative solutions, unlike algorithms.

Motivation and innovation

Human ingenuity, driven by emotions like passion and curiosity, fuels innovation and leads to ``impossible`` solutions.

Skill development

As technology evolves, human roles shift towards higher-level skills like operating, maintaining, and continually improving automated systems.

We find the right balance to suit your needs:

We understand that the level of automation needed varies depending on factors like:

Economic development

Developed economies with declining workforces might benefit from advanced automation to maintain production.

Skill level of the workforce

In developing economies, focusing on creating jobs and upskilling the workforce might be more critical than extensive automation.

Our key takeaway

Digitalisation presents an opportunity for businesses to compete effectively in the global market. By embracing these technologies and investing in your workforce, you can optimise production, improve quality, and empower your employees to thrive in the new era of manufacturing.


Jendamark’s ODIN Manufacturing division is here to partner with you on your digital transformation journey. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can help your business achieve its full potential.