Asset information management

Centrally manage and access key location and asset information by recording it in the individual Master Data location and asset data pages. This is the ideal location to retrieve asset data not required on a daily basis and even add location and asset images.

Change history registry

Keep on top of Master Data management changes and updates by accessing the Master Data change history tab.

QR code feature

Master Data generates unique gateway QR codes for each and every individual asset which can be physically placed on the actual assets. This enables instant access to key asset information, official supplier documentation or maintenance information by simply scanning the gateway QR codes on your individual assets. Scanning is made easy by simply using your smartphone camera which will direct you to our gateway selection page.

Organisation hierarchy management

Create a digital twin of your organisation’s hierarchy in terms of each individual location and the assets located within, in a tree type structure.

No infrastructure start-up costs

Our web-based app enables rapid implementation and there are absolutely no infrastructure-related start-up costs.