Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

EUR 32 billion turnover | 153 000 employees | 271 locations in 42 countries

The Challenge

With the new differential assembly line, the need arose to reduce the cost of rework and also structure the line in such a manner that facilitated a successful rework strategy

How We Did It

Jendamark designed and manufactured two differential assembly lines, powered by ODIN Workstation

Final Results

  • The digitally integrated software completely tracking part assembly, ensuring that correct parts are always used, thereby increasing the quality output of the product
  • Complete traceability of the process, product assembly and users on the system, accessible from one data point
  • The overall tracking and traceability lowering the number of product defects

Other Benefits

  • A comprehensive rework strategy, which reduced the cost of rework by 50% and above
  • The rework application enables the company to rework Not OK products in a controlled and traced manner, reducing the time on the line, as well as the cost of overall scrap
  • Full line transparency with supportive qualitative data to assist in further improving the assembly processes and overall line health
  • Line transparency in overhead monitors guides decision making and highlights areas of concern and potential bottlenecks

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