Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

EUR 32 billion turnover | 153 000 employees | 271 locations in 42 countries

The Challenge

With the newly introduced differential assembly line, with multiple variants and the need for quality control and traceability – they required line-side assistance to help guide their operators, while ensuring quality

How We Did It

Jendamark designed and manufactured two differential assembly lines, powered by ODIN Workstation

Final Results

  • Intuitive digital, visual work instructions ensuring product quality
  • Always ensuring the correct assembly steps due to the digitally integrated poka yokes
  • Drag and drop capabilities of the work instruction guidance software – dynamically enabling fast and secure process adjustments
  • No code addition of new variant assemblies

Other Benefits

  • The assembly line, with integrated software allows for immediate process improvements and aligns with continuous improvement best practices
  • Easy to add, update and change existing product assembly processes
  • Live line feedback ensuring full line transparency, with dynamic, live prompts to provide valuable feedback to supervisors, facilitating better decision making

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