CASE STUDY | Tenneco

Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

A global leader in designing, manufacturing & marketing automotive products

The Challenge

The need to ensure process security, part assembly consistency and part traceability within a complex exhaust assembly line – with the requirement of having real-time access to accurate line data metrics

How We Did It

By implementing ODIN Workstation throughout the exhaust EOL facility

Final Results

  • Dynamic and visual work instructions ensuring the correct assembly sequence, thereby reducing defects
  • Complete transparency of the entire process, accompanied by qualitative data metrics
  • Easy-to-add variants, facilitating best agile manufacturing practices
  • System access rights to change or adjust process information is controlled by access permissions – allowing for full line control and transparency

Other Benefits

  • Intuitive operator instructions improving both quality and productivity
  • The controlled tracking and process security, aids in reducing quality associated defects
  • Updating the work instructions is simple and works on a ‘no-code basis
  • Provides the platform for continued and immediate improvement to the assembly sequence and station setup per new model/variant being built

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