Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

A global leader in designing and manufacturing axles

The Challenge

The need to ensure process security, part assembly consistency and part traceability on their axle assembly line

How We Did It

By implementing ODIN Workstation throughout the axle assembly line

Final Results

  • Dynamic and visual work instructions ensuring the correct assembly sequence, thereby reducing defects
  • Complete transparency of the entire process, accompanied by qualitative data metrics
  • Easy-to-add variants, facilitating best agile manufacturing practices
  • System access rights to change or adjust process information is controlled by access permissions – allowing for full line control and transparency

Other Benefits

  • Intuitive operator instructions improving both quality and productivity
  • The controlled tracking and process security, aids in reducing quality associated defects
  • Updating the work instructions is simple and works on a ‘no-code basis
  • Provides the platform for continued and immediate improvement to the assembly sequence and station setup per new model/variant being built

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