CASE STUDY | Mahindra Electric

Products Used

ODIN Linewatch

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

$12 billion turnover | 250 000 employees | 150+ locations in over 100 countries

The Challenge

With increasing demand, there was in increase in production – often leaving many parts waiting for their next value adding step. While these parts sit in stores they are costing the company money, as well as losing value due to exposure.

How We Did It

By implementing ODIN Workstation and ODIN Linewatch throughout the entire line.

Final Results

  • Refined processes allowing for increased production rates
  • Improved production, meaning less WIP
  • Improved facility OEE
  • Less time to change processes and operations to improve assembly/manufacturing sequences
  • Expedited manufacturing and assembly, relieving quantities of stored WIP items

Other Benefits

  • Increasing overall turnover and improved return on investment
  • Fast and simple new product build sequence introductions
  • Facilitates continual and immediate improvement
  • Live ANDON displays current production targets, line progress and status above the production line, ensuring full line transparency
  • Easy-to-use, no code interface facilitates easy continuous improvement adjustments

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