CASE STUDY | Tenneco

Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

A global leader in designing, manufacturing & marketing automotive products

The Challenge

Multiple stations required to complete the same part assembly sequence in parallel, while maintaining process integrity across all stations – however, also requiring integration with the preceding and succeeding existing facility operations and integrating part data into their MES

How We Did It

By implementing ODIN Workstation throughout the multiple, parallel facilities and applying the Workstation MES Module to communicate with their existing MES system

Final Results

  • The ability to produce the same part in parallel at the multiple facilities
  • Successfully integrating the ODIN Workstation software with the existing MES infrastructure
  • Process information provided by ODIN Workstation ensuring that all parts are assembled consistently
  • Part tracking from previous existing processes/facilities and to existing processes/facilities

Other Benefits

  • The ODIN Workstation software facilitates the ease of language integration, making it multi-lingual and ideal for use in any instance where language barriers may exist – aiding in better understanding of the complex work instructions
  • No-code line configuration interfaces allows for ease of improving and adjusting operations and assembly sequences to facilitate best continuous improvement practices
  • No complicated PLC or database programming required to add new process steps or operations for the assembled parts

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