Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

World-class African research and development organisation

The Challenge

The need to generate additional revenue through the use of an agile manufacturing cell that was easily interchangeable to the parts/products required on short demand and in on-demand production numbers

How We Did It

  • By implementing ODIN Workstation throughout the work cell stations
  • Advanced vision systems with integrated machine learning capabilities in order to enable virtual devices

Final Results

  • An easily adjustable work cell, comprised of several standalone stations
  • Easy integration and addition of new part assemblies
  • Intuitive guidance systems integrated with pick-to-light linbin systems, bolting tools, digital verniers and part placement
  • Built in failsafes to ensure that new parts are correctly assembled

Other Benefits

  • The incorporation of advanced vision systems that enable the addition of virtual devices, such as virtual process confirmation push-buttons
  • Easy to add, update and change existing product assembly processes
  • Drag and drop assembly process sequence improvements
  • The agile work cell can be easily moved and repositioned wherever its use would be more practical
  • The work cell, with integrated software allows for immediate process improvements and aligns with continuous improvement best practices

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