Products Used

ODIN Workstation


About The Customer

EUR 250 billion turnover | 660 000 employees (VW Group)

The Challenge

To build a highly complex, manually built, engine assembly – while being aware of the number of operators, product quality, production rate and timing constraints

How We Did It

Jendamark designed and manufactured the manual engine assembly lines, powered by ODIN Workstation

Final Results

  • Improved processing/assembly capabilities
  • Improved production rates
  • Lowered scrap and rework rates
  • Multi-operator tool sharing features enabled to allow for multiple operators to work on the same engine unit simultaneously
  • Enabling dynamic change to the output of the line without introducing additional shifts

Other Benefits

  • Line flexibility assisted in reducing the total cost of introducing new variants by up to 50%
  • The ability for multi-operator tool sharing increased the line output by a staggering 80%
  • The assembly line, with integrated software allows for immediate process improvements and aligns with continuous improvement best practices
  • Easy to add, update and change existing product assembly processes

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